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WasteMyRecords established in 2012 is an Antwerp based independent record label, erected out of the ashes of Munich Records Belgium which was for 15 years the standard for hi quality roots and indie music with a very straight and solid reputation! From day one, it was our mission to try to fill these big empty shoes Munich Records Belgium left behind! Now, 5 years later, WasteMyRecords has created a platform with 13 high quality bands, all very carefully selected, although we always had the feeling that they chose us:-) All of our bands fit just right into the open and familiar no nonsense way of doing things where WasteMyRecords dwells on! “Quality not quantity” is our motto! With only 4/5 releases every year, WasteMyRecords is far out the least productive indie label in Belgium, but this very poor business model has worked very good on the quality side of it all! From the beginning in 2012, WasteMyRecords immediately set standards by releasing hi profile bands and we have never stopped doing so since then! WasteMyRecords will always be the home for hi quality vintage/indie music and hopefully to your liking! WasteMyRecords, strictly not commercial but with a great 4 way stereo sound! Whatever It Takes!


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