And They Spoke In Anthems


  • Origin Belgium
  • Genres Singer songwriter
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And They Spoke In Anthems is the one man army of the very talented Mr Arne Leurentop, who recorded a beautiful collection of songs as tribute to his journey to Australia where he lost all his pictures and decided to write songs instead, as an everlasting memory of that journey! Arne Leurentop has already been jamming with Antwerp celebrated artists like Dez Mona, Lisa Van Der Aa & Sir Yes Sir! And now there is this remarkable debut: “JUNE”!

The album as a collection of songs makes us think of John Parish, WIlco or Jeff Buckley but in the first place it’s a collection of ATSIA songs! The first single and video “The Inventor of Summer” is a stunning beauty and made it to STUBRU and RADIO 1 playlists! Also STUBRU “Duyster” whispered that ATSIA is a rough diamond to be cherished! WasteMyRecords has been following ATSIA since Arne won “De Beloften” rock marathon in Gent this september & is now very proud to be part of this ATSIA saga! Sometimes good artists happen to good labels!