King Dalton


  • Origin Belgium
  • Genres Blues, jazz, folk
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It’s blues, jazz and folk shaking avant-garde’s hand in Africa. It’s both psychedelic and organic, both rough and funky. It’s conjuring and danceable. With its first and self-titled album on Belgian indie label Waste My Records, King Dalton reveals a new sound that isn’t easy to define. Something wonderfully fresh and new, yet familiar enough to easily creep into one’s ears. “I have the feeling it is really starting right now,” says Pieter De Meester, King Dalton’s charismatic band leader. The 25-year-old sings and plays the four-string guitar and baritone sax. “Now that the album is out, we can’t wait to go play our music everywhere, as hard as we possibly can.”

Pieter’s older brother Jonas is a professional guitar player, but in this project he plays the Irish bouzouki. “We are facing a different situation from a decade ago,” he says. “These days you need to have a strong live reputation to sell albums – and rightfully so.” In Ghent, home to both brothers, the band already has such a reputation. Over the last three years, King Dalton has become an established name at the infamous café Charlatan. “We used to play there on calm Sunday nights,” says Pieter. “I think it’s on that stage that we developed our sound. This band has never had any predefined concept. Everything originates organically and intuitively.”